Sunday, March 8, 2015

PlexFit Version 1.2.0 for Android and Version 1.8 for Pebble Released

Hi guys,
I just released new versions for both of the apps to the Google Play Store and to the Pebble App Store respectively.

The most prominent features of these two releases are the followings (detailed changelogs will be posted below):

  • Calibration data and sensitivity settings backup and restore between the Pebble and the Android apps (so that you don't have to do calibration again and again).
  • Forced sync at midnight to ensure that your data won't be loss when a new day comes
  • Further improving the sync reliability between the Android app and the Pebble app

Detailed Changelogs:

PlexFit for Pebble Version 1.8:
  • Added calibration reset feature to reset calibration data
  • Added support for sync with the Android app to backup and restore calibration data, sensitivity settings
  • Increase the calibration time to 10s to be more accurate and more repeatable
  • Added more information to the calibration screen so that users can calibrate the PlexFit app correctly
  • Under the hood: code refactoring to prepare for sleep tracking integration

PlexFit for Android Version 1.2.0:

  • Stability improvement : fixed two most common causes of crash reported by users causing by tasks still being submitted despite the app gets paused
  • Fixed resource leaks causing the app not to sync reliably over time (improve reliability of sync by 10%-20% with these changes).
  • Removed check from import from Google Fit to avoid having steps being imported twice
  • Improve reliability of manual sync by adjusting timings to send the sync request
New Features
  • Added calibration data + sensitivity settings sync and and restore to Android PlexFit app so that users don't have to calibrate over and over again.
  • Added battery percentage to the Pebble card
  • Added version check to remind users to upgrade their watch app to latest version
  • Added midnight forced sync to ensure user data of that day won't get reset
If you guys find any bugs, please report and I will try to get to it. Thanks :) Hope you guys enjoy this release.


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  2. Can you specify when the midnight sync happens. I really can't see it in Google Fit.

    1. Hi Erroneus,
      The midnight sync will automatically happen at 11:55 every night where the PlexFit Android app launches the PlexFit app, forces a sync to make sure that you don't lose any data.

      If you don't see that in Google Fit. It's probably because between the last sync and the midnight sync, there was no new steps or active mins being changed.

  3. Would you recommend turning off the activity detection in Google Fit?

  4. Would you recommend turning off the activity detection in Google Fit?