Thursday, February 2, 2017

Privacy Policy

This policy was created as part of new requirements from Google Play.
PlexFit does not collect or store any personal information on its own app or on the server. Access to the followings are explained as below:

_ Google Account: only to import your fitness your data to Google Fit. Once imported, the data is flushed and nothing is stored locally or in the cloud.

_ Sleep Data: stored locally for the historical feature, no personal information is stored with this data, only raw number + timestamp, it will be wiped  once you uninstall the app.

_ GPS: only for biking + running tracking, once imported to Google Fit, it will be flushed and wiped.

Only the following informations are transmitted to the cloud:

_ Your unique Android Id for license reinforcement (to prevent trial period circumvention or license cracking)

By installing the app, you agree to the following data being used for PlexFit to function as intended. Anytime you change your mind, you can uninstall the app and everything will be wiped. We do not keep any confidential information. We only make money from selling license, which is $2.99, we do not sell your information like what other companies are doing.