Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sensitivity Customization Arrived for PlexFit (Pebble app)

If you have battery issue on your Pebble and you downloaded version 1.6 when it first came out. Please remove it and go to the Pebble App Store to grab the latest version 1.7. That version has the battery drain bug fixed. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi guys,
I did promise many of you that I would be working on allowing sensitivity to be customizable and today I would like to deliver on that promise. I have release an update to the Pebble App Store (version 1.6) with the following improvements:
  • Full sensitivity customization so that you can customize to fit your walking patterns. 
  • Calibration: I also added an option for users to calibrate their Pebble so that you will have the same experience as I do when developing this app. Hopefully, this will address the issue that many users reported as phantom tracking or very high sensitivity due to the calibration on some Pebble is out of the normal ranges.
  • Pause tracking: to allow the tracking to be paused when you are driving, biking or sitting at your desk typing to prevent false footsteps count. Or you can pause your tracking when going to bed so that PlexFit won't register any steps while you are resting :)

The goal of PlexFit is to empower the users and I have tried my best to listen to all the users feedback and deliver (in the extent of my ability and time allowed). Hope that you guys will enjoy this release. The next thing on my list next is sleep tracking, biking and running and I will work on those next.

What are you still waiting for? Go get your new and shiny PlexFit 1.6 on the Pebble App Store today !!


  1. Excellent! Waiting for 1.6 to hit the app store. Thank you.

    1. Hi Petr,
      It should live by now. I tested getting the PlexFit app an hour ago and it served me the latest one. If it doesn't work, please try removing your PlexFit on your Pebble and go to Pebble App Store to grab the latest one.

    2. Yup, got it last night. Will see today how it goes.

  2. Great work!!! Thanks a lot for your time to do this. It will be perfect when it will be ready for sleep tracking :) If you want to help with testing please let me know ;-)

    1. It is currently in the work. I will let you know once a beta test build is ready. Please let me know by email if you are interested in beta testing. Thanks.

    2. My mail is I'm ready for testing.